PK Communications Co. is an Authorized Whirlwind Dealer

The PK Communications Co. has been an authorized dealer for Whirlwind and US Audio products since 2009. Whirlwind and US Audio are headquartered in Rochester, New York; they provide world-class solutions for audio visual, music performance, power and audio distribution problems. Their US Audio mult-boxes (press audio distribution boxes) are found at media events around the country, providing clear, clean audio to reporters/technicians who need to record at news conferences. Custom projects are a big part of Whirlwind's business, too. So whether you need a stomp box, audio snake, mult-box or a three phase power distribution system, Whirlwind and PK Communications Co. are ready to supply what you need at a fair price.

You can find the Whirlwind and US Audio catalog on line at .