Radio-Road-Test Advertising

Why Advertise in our Radio-Road-Test Program?

Radio Advertising Works for Business
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As a small business, PK Communications and its unit believes radio advertising should be simple, cost effective and persuasive. In the past, our program has had regional advertisers such as credit unions, travel destinations, and (don't laugh; he sold lots of product) artisan sausage makers. At the station level, our affiliates tell of their success with auto related businesses. So what we offer business owners and in-house ad departments are simple 20, 30 and 60 second commercials in our regional and national over the air editions, and on our on-line and podcast versions of Radio-Road-Test. We sell them for a minimum of two weeks, and maximum of 52 weeks. Repetition is the key to radio advertising; that's why we sell a minimum of two week flights. PayPal is our payment processor; because of that, we offer extremely favorable rates for payment up front. Cutting out middlemen also saves you money, too. Your commercial would be cleared for broadcast in our over the air and on-line editions. We think live announcer copy is the most effective way to connect with our audience; so once ordered, we'd write the commercial, get your approval, and once the details are worked out and you are satisfied with the selling message, get it on our program. If you already have commercials produced, they would have to be cleared for on-line broadcast. We won't sell advertising in our network portion, or enter into a promotion with any of your business' competitors. We do not accept advertising for brand specific automotive manufacturers, alcohol, tobacco, male and female personal products, and any advocacy ad.

You can buy any amount of advertising on "Radio-Road-Test" on line, securely, right here:

Our Rates: Paper Invoices, (before cash with order/PayPal+(BillMeLater)/business credit card discount) for our network and on-line broadcasts) :

(2 Week minimum, per week)

20 seconds: $40.00
30 seconds: $45.00
60 seconds: $50.00

This rate also applies to recognized advertising agencies, and those businesses who elect to be billed with a traditional Paper Invoice, with terms as described on our PK Communications Co. Business Practices Page.

Cash With Order, Including PayPal + Payment Cards:
PayPal + Payment Card (Also BillMeLater) 20 second advertising discounted:

PayPal + Payment Card (Also BillMeLater) 30 second advertising discounted

PayPal + Payment Card (Also BillMeLater) 60 second advertising discounted

Promotions:  We can run limited promotions over all of our platforms (broadcast, Twitter feed and blog). and will consider any mutually beneficial offer. Examples of these are gas card trades, gift certificates, consumer product giveaways, etc. Again, send your ideas to sales(a) and we'll consider them carefully.