The unit of the PK Communications Co. produces a weekly broadcast and podcast of Radio-Road-Test. Broadcast Radio Stations interested in carrying the program may find information on Radio-Road-Test here. It offers and will offer other broadcast and ancillary services, to include engineering, site surveying, and set up of radio remote broadcasts, news conference audio (future), narrations and voice tracks for commercials. Inquiries/requests concerning these services should be sent by e-mail to pkcommunicationsco(a)

Compensation for these services is usually on a per diem basis plus reasonable and customary expenses, which will, if necessary, include travel, transportation and lodging that requires a stay away from our base in Broome County, New York. Payment protocols are detailed on the PK Communications Co. Business Practices page. Voice over fees are waived for commercials that appear in "Radio-Road-Test" or if requester is a member of the Swap A Spot Network. Commercial voice over fees are dependent on the markets in which the commercial will be broadcast and the length of the commercial flight; a minimum studio session fee is charged, whether the product is used or not. Narrations are compensated on a per project basis; a minimum one hour studio session fee is charged for those.

Radio news coaching is also provided, subject to the same protocols as our broadcast and ancillary services. We'll evaluate the on-air product, and coach the studio and field team on ways to improve efficiency, on-air product, and maximize resources. If requested, we'll develop a contingency coverage plan to cover natural and man-made disasters. The best time to formulate a disaster plan is before you need one; "winging it" when lives are in the balance is not an option. Sometimes objective input is needed to achieve maximum results. Your listeners and advertisers/underwriters expect and deserve nothing less.