Radio-Road-Test Affiliate Page

Quick Information for our over-the-air broadcast affiliates:

FORMAT for "Radio-Road-Test":
Segment One Opens with Theme Music/Outcue: "broadcast service of" This is where network commercials/promotions are inserted.
Segment Two Opens Cold/Outcue: "from".This is the local avail for commercials.
Segment Three Opens Cold/Outcue "I'm Paul Kaminski,". Program ends cold.
Total time for program, less network commercials/promotion will run from 2:55, but in no case, exceed 3:00.


LA Auto Show/Mobility Expo late November
North American International Auto Show, Detroit in early January 


We will let you know about any two way opportunities from the auto shows we attend here. I do them as a courtesy to our over-the-air affiliates. I can do them on the phone, on Skype (pkcommunications) with audio only or audio/video, and on a station's G.722 codec or Opus enabled codec via the Luci Live Lite app.  Also, we now have a Cleanfeed account, so we can do two ways using that protocol.  Comrex will be releasing its Field Tap app, and I will be using that as well.  Those two ways make a nice addition to a morning show or a news block. 


Station Closed Circuit:

Keep An Eye Here for Updates and Tips on How to Better Help Your Audience and Customers with Radio-Road-Test.

Milestone Tests:

Our 1250th episode of Radio-Road-Test (test #1200) was released on May 22. It features the Chrysler 300S sedan (and yes, it's got a HEMI). If you go to our Facebook page, you will see the car featured on that page for the next year. In May, 2019, Episode 1300 will be produced. #WatchThisSpace

Affiliate News:

If you think other stations in other markets could benefit from carrying this program, then please let then know about Radio-Road-Test. As a token of our thanks for any such affiliation, there's a Visa (tm) gift card for information from you that leads to a signed affiliation agreement.


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I'll usually alert affiliates by e-mail to last minute changes. Long term changes will appear here, so please check back from time to time.