Radio-Road-Test Affiliate Page

Quick Information for our over-the-air broadcast affiliates:

FORMAT for "Radio-Road-Test": Segment One Opens with Theme Music/Outcue: "broadcast service of" This is where network commercials/promotions are inserted.
Segment Two Opens Cold/Outcue: "from".This is the local avail for commercials.
Segment Three Opens Cold/Outcue "I'm Paul Kaminski,". Program ends cold.
Total time for program, less network commercials/promotion will run from 2:55, but in no case, exceed 3:00.


Next on the schedule is the LA Auto Show in November, 2017.

Two Ways/Call Ins:
We will apprise you of two way opportunities from the auto shows we attend here. I do them as a courtesy to our over-the-air affiliates. I can do them on the phone, on Skype (pkcommunications)audio or audio/video, or on a station's G.722 codec or Opus enabled codec.


North American Int'l Auto Show, Detroit, MI  1/14-16/2018  (tentative)

Station Closed Circuit:

Keep An Eye Here for Updates and Tips on How to Better Help Your Audience and Customers with Radio-Road-Test.

Milestone Tests:

Our 1200th episode of Radio-Road-Test (test #1200) was released on May 22. It features the Nissan GT-R Sports Supercoupe. If you go to our Facebook page, you will see the car featured on that page for the next year. In May, 2018, Episode 1250 will be produced. #WatchThisSpace

Affiliate News:

If you think other stations in other markets could benefit from carrying this program, then please let then know about Radio-Road-Test. As a token of our thanks for any such affiliation, there's a Visa (tm) gift card for information from you that leads to a signed affiliation agreement.

We have a Periscope account, which allows us to live stream some events/walkarounds, etc. When we do that, our Twitter feed also has the link to the live stream. It is a free app for both iOS and Android devices. We debuted our use at WEBO when we talked about the Ford Mustang (Test 1100) back in June 2015. We are stil experimenting with Periscope; our first walkarounds included the Ford F-150 2.7 EcoBoost XLT and the VW Golf GTI. We'll try to have one walkaround, perhaps two per month. They will be unscripted, unrehearsed, and (as a reminder) announced on our Twitter feed. Also, we now have a Facebook page Facebook. Like your station's page, the more likes, the better. In the future, we will experiment with Facebook's video posting capabilities. Thanks!

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I'll usually alert affiliates by e-mail to last minute changes. Long term changes will appear here, so please check back from time to time.