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XLR Microphone Cords

PK Communications Co. can supply reporters with microphone cords for audio recorders. We've built and supplied them for years to reporters and public relations people covering auto racing in all the major series. We started building these cords, because we were not satisfied with what was available for purchase, and because we had suffered problems with recorders because of internal jacks malfunctioning as a result of the weight of the cable upon the connecting plug. We found that light and strong cords greatly reduced the failure rate of small (3.5mm) microphone jacks. If you have ever heard audio actuality from a NASCAR driver, chances are it's been processed through one of our mike cords.

Our most popular product is a nominal 30 inch XLR Female to 3.5 mm male microphone adapter.

XLR-Mini 30--$20.

XLR Mini 30

We build this model in a nominal 60 inch length as well. XLR-Mini 60--$25

The Mini series (as stocked) is built with light and strong cords and Neutrik NC3FX XLR Connectors. They can also be built with Belden 1804a Starquad microphone cable. XLR-Mini 30 1804--$25

XLR-Mini 60 1804--$30

Our Mini series can also be built with Neutrik's NC3FM-C ConvertCon male and female XLR connector.

<XLR Mini 30 with Convertcon

XLR-Mini 30 ConvertCon--$40

XLR-Mini 60 ConvertCon--$45


We also build XLR-Mini 1804 cables with Neutrik's RF blocking connectors (NC3M/FXX-EMC) which neutralize the noise from cell phones, and can reduce hum, etc.

NC3FXX-EMC RF Blocking XLR Connector

XLR-Mini 30 1804 RF Block--$35

XLR-Mini 60 1804 RF Block--$40

SPECIAL ORDERS: PK Communications Co. can build microphone cables with standard microphone cable (USA-2) and your choice of Neutrik NC3 series or Switchcraft AAA3M-AAA3F series XLR male and female connectors.

XLR Male to Female with Switchcraft AAA3 Series Connectors

They are built in 6, 9, 12, 25 and 50 foot lengths:

Cables with other connectors (2.5 mm, similar to cell phone size; 6.3mm/1/4 inch) are also built on special order and will be invoiced electronically. XLR Male to Female Cables can be constructed with Belden 1804a in the same lengths for an additional charge, and will also be invoiced electronically.

If you have delivery, construction or payment option questions, please send us a note at pkcommunicationsco(a)

The price includes shipping by US Postal Service Priority Mail. If you need adapters by the next day, or if you are ordering from an address outside the United States, then we ship the adapters by US Postal Service Express Mail to a PO Box, US Postal Service verified address, or your foreign address at an additional charge of $18.95 USD. You can select Express Mail shipping by clicking below:

We must collect New York Sales Tax on deliveries made to addresses (to include Post Office Boxes) in the State of New York. The tax will be billed electronically in addition to the price of the product, unless the purchaser is exempt from the payment of sales taxes and provides proper documentation (ST-121).

All microphone cables built by PK Communications Co carry a lifetime warranty. If the cable fails because of a material or manufacturing defect, we will repair it or replace it. No questions asked. (That warranty does not apply to lost equipment, sorry.)