PK Communications Co.

Here's some information for public relations/media relations practitioners who are interested in the PK Communications Co. and its "Radio-Road-Test" programs:

1. "Radio-Road-Test" is a program of driving impressions of American and foreign cars and light trucks that are sold in the United States.  One five minute and one one minute episode of "Radio-Road-Test" is produced each week, and released by mid-week to affiliated radio stations, and our on-line podcast feed, for first broadcast on that weekend. Because of the time constraint, we don't feature guests, products or discussion of any other topic except driving impressions of American and foreign cars and light trucks in the body of the program. We can and will feature products in our commercial segment upon payment of appropriate commercial compensation.  If your client is not directly involved with the manufacture of American and foreign cars and light trucks, then you should not release information to us.

2. Public relations/media relations practitioners who represent manufacturers who are providing media evaluation vehicles should, therefore, direct initial e-mail pitches, as well as all other correspondence pertaining to Radio-Road-Test to radioroadtest(a) This is the only address for this information. If we're interested, we'll reply by e-mail. Be assured that all e-mails to this address are read. Please refrain from telephone pitches, which we will not consider, because details can't be readily retrieved, as they can with an e-mail. Please feel free to follow up with a call if and only if we've sent you a reply expressing interest. Following this protocol will save your time and ours.

3. Official Information from our company will be released in the form of PDF news releases which may be available here. Links to those news releases will also be published on our Twitter page, our company Facebook page and a traditional news release e-mail distribution. We will send news releases as plain text with a PDF attachment. For audio news gatherers, we'll record an audio version of the news release as an mp3 file, which can be accessed from here. Customary editorial use of these products are encouraged. A hi-res head shot of Paul Kaminski can be made available upon your request, to illustrate any articles/reports concerning the PK Communications Co.