PK Communications Co.

The following page describes the practices which govern our conduct of business and describes our areas of business. They are by their nature included in any and all agreements between PK Communications Co. and its customers, advertisers and their agencies.

PK Communications Co. has a production business unit (, which produces, markets and solicits advertisers for the production of "Radio-Road-Test" and the “Radio-Road-Test Minute”. Advertising information on the national edition and podcast of Radio-Road-Test and the Radio-Road-Test Minute may be obtained by e-mailing sales(a) The unit also provides limited broadcast services for remote broadcasts/podcasts, free-lance radio news reporting services, radio news consultancy, commercial and promotional voice over services, and limited editorial print and photography on a commission basis.

Our company also is an authorized dealer for Whirlwind and U. S. Audio equipment. We also build XLR microphone cords and adapters, information on which is here. Its proprietor, Paul Kaminski, is a certified member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Chapter One, Binghamton, NY.

Billing/Payments, etc.--Past regional/national advertising customers in good standing may, on a case by case basis, be offered a deferred payment plan at the cash with order electronic billing rate for advertising which consists of an up-front deposit of not less than 25 per cent of the total order and up to four equal installments to satisfy the balance, on a mutually agreeable schedule. The company may, at its option, offer this discount to members in good standing of Empower Federal Credit Union (Syracuse, NY).

PK Communications Co. has a standard rate, and a discounted cash with order rate for most products and services. The standard rate is the basis for invoiced paper billing and any advertising agency discount. The discounted cash with order rate is given to customers who request electronic billing or remit full payment with order, whether by company payment cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, cash or company check. Customers who pay by Automated Clearing House payment (ACH) are also billed at the discounted cash with order rate. We also accept Government Agency Payment cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo for payment. This allows businesses an opportunity to use company payment cards, PayPal accounts or the BillMeLater (sm) feature to pay any balances due. The PK Communications Co. does not accept personal checks, but will accept valid personal payment cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) for payment for products. This discount is built in to the price of microphone cords ordered from our adapters page.

For customers including recognized advertising agencies, or those customers who elect to be billed with a paper invoice, a prompt payment of invoices is expected.

All paper invoices are due upon their receipt, with a 30 calendar day grace period from the date of the invoice. On day 31, a 2% interest charge (24% APR) is added to unpaid balances. If paper invoices are more than 60 days due, any future advertising will be suspended until back balances are brought current. Paper Invoice customers experiencing cash flow problems may be allowed to work out a payment plan, where the balance is spread out over a 6 month period with an immediate payment and all subsequent payments to be made by company payment card, or ACH. Once the payment plan is completed, the business is then back in good standing.

A $30.00 charge will be assessed for any returned check, reversed ACH or other unpaid paper or electronic instrument presented to PK Communications Co. for payment of goods and services, that is not the result of bank/credit union error. That charge is waived if you present us with a letter on bank/credit union stationery admitting the error.

Professional Services (news consultancy, etc.) fees are billed on either an hourly rate (one billable hour, minimum) or a day rate plus expenses (minimum two days billable). On-site visits will incur the following expenses for each day of training, supervision and installation: common carrier travel, lodging, and the allowance for meals and incidental expenses determined by the Federal Government for that particular area. Expenses will be billed separately and electronically, unless otherwise agreed. Voice over services are charged a session fee, whether the session is used or not, unless the voice over is for advertising in the local availability of Radio-Road-Test. That session fee is dependent upon the length of the commercial flight and the market/markets in which the proposed commercial is scheduled to appear. (This does not apply to members of the Swap A Spot Network). Narration voice overs are charged on a per project buyout basis.

Contracts for Engineering/Broadcast Services, Equipment Sales, Installation and Maintenance are negotiated on a case by case basis. Our normal practice for projects includes a payment with inception (usually 33%); a 90-120 day in-progress payment once a progress report is submitted (33%), and a settlement not later than 180 days after inception and after all items on client punch lists are satisfied.(34%). Equipment Sales are usually done on a cash with order/electronic invoice basis.

The DUNS number for PK Communications Co. is 066401394. PK Communications Co. is a member of Empower Federal Credit Union.

PK Communications Co. is a SDVOB--service disabled veteran owned business--which may help you with set-aside requirements for some Federal and State contracts. We will extend advertising contracts from businesses owned or controlled by a service disabled veteran, or retired member of the US Armed Forces with a 10 percent bonus on all contracts 26 weeks or longer; 5 per cent on contracts 13 to 25 weeks in addition to any other discounts the business qualifies for.

All agreements are governed by applicable New York State and Federal statutes. PK Communications Co. reserves the right to use any and all legal means necessary to protect its intellectual property rights, financial and business interests unless specifically waived in writing.

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