Frequently Asked Questions About Radio-Road-Test Affiliation:

                             How much cash would this cost my station or outlet annually? 
That would depend whether the station wanted to affiliate on a barter basis (with retaining the first ad availability and the station the second for Radio-Road-Test, and/or a 30-60 second availability following the Radio-Road-Test Minute), or agree on cash compensation or other consideration (for non-barter, non commercial stations and other broadcast outlets). Barter stations pay $0.00/year.

When is the best time to run Radio-Road-Test and /or the Radio-Road-Test Minute? Can the programs be run on an HD Channel, and our station website?
Radio-Road-Test has a kill date of 26 weeks from its first release (e.g., when it is downloaded from our FTP site or Dropbox) for first broadcast). Stations can run the program weekly as a standalone program, or as part of a news or feature block. Programs may be repeated as many times as desired up to the 26 week kill date from first release. So programmers have maximum flexibility, Radio-Road-Test and the Radio-Road-Test Minute are cleared for broadcast on a station's main frequency, a station's HD Radio sub-channel, and in conjunction with that, cleared for a live streaming on the station's own web site. Be assured we will not offer this feature to any competing radio station in the station's market.

Are performance affidavits required?

We reserve the right to ask for them, as a condition to maintain affiliation. Stations may, if their traffic software supports it, send an affidavit to our office with the following information: Station call letters, date and times of broadcast/performance, certification that the programs were broadcast, that there are records available to document that broadcast and that those records will be made available upon proper request. Upon affiliation, Station shall notify us of their scheduled day of the week and time for the broadcast.

Who owns the copyrights and exercises editorial control? Can our station make a copy of "Radio-Road-Test" for non-broadcast purposes? owns the copyright to "Radio-Road-Test" and the "Radio-Road-Test Minute". It exercises full editorial control over all of its programming. Advertisers do not control any of our programming, with the exception of their commercial availability. A copy of an as-aired program for sales demonstration purposes may be made, as long as the proper copyright information is attached to the copy of the program (the copyright circle r symbol ©, year,, All Rights Reserved).

Can Paul Kaminski appear live on our locally produced programs? Can he also do station promos and commercials?
As a courtesy to our affiliates, yes. All we'll need is a 24 hour notice. We have the ability to do these appearances via Zoom, Skype, an EBU 3326 enabled codec ( Comrex Access or Bric Link codec, TieLine, etc.), SIP codec,  ipDTL web based link ( or Cleanfeed web based link.  To have Paul voice a promo, simply send the script, and he will send back a dry voice track via e-mail.  Paul does not charge a talent fee for commercials that appear in Radio-Road-Test or the Radio-Road-Test Minute.  Paul can also do commercial voice overs for commercials other than those that appear on Radio-Road-Test, but would have to be compensated with a session fee, which is due whether the session is used or not and a talent fee,which is negotiable and depends on where and how long the commercial would air .

My GM/GSM/LSM is asking about the best prospects for local advertisers on "Radio-Road-Test" and the "Radio-Road-Test" Minute . How do I answer that question?
Our affiliates in the past have success with automotive accessory/service stores like the "quick-lubes", etc., car washes (which could be a perfect spiff for the trade your station salespeople may already have with the car wash), financial institutions looking to increase new car loans (like the local credit union, or the bank where the station does business), travel and tourism organizations, and other travel destinations reachable within a few hours drive of the station. If your area has a new car dealer association, or if your area has a general auto show open to all dealers/brands, etc., then Radio-Road-Test is a most appropriate avenue for that commercial message. Some affiliates have sold it to dealers with multiple lines.

What paperwork is needed to affiliate?
Stations and Outlets may simply click here to view the agreement and "print". Once we get a scanned copy or the snail mail copy, we'll provide you with the user name and password.