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Radio-Road-Test Affiliate Page

Quick Information for our over-the-air broadcast affiliates:

FORMAT for "Radio-Road-Test":  

Segment One Opens with Theme Music/Outcue:"broadcast service of" This is where network commercials/promotions are inserted.

Segment Two Opens Cold/Outcue: "from". This is the local avail for commercials.

Segment Three Opens Cold/Outcue: "I'm Paul Kaminski,". Program ends cold.

Total time for program, less network commercials/promotion will run from 2:55, but in no case, exceed 3:00.

FORMAT for "Radio-Road-Test Minute":

Program Opens: "This is a Radio-Road-Test Minute..."

Program Closes: "and now, this/these message/messages."

Total Time: 55-60 seconds, with network :30-60 following


 As of now, we’re on track to cover the Motor Bella (NAIAS) in Detroit.  

We will let you know about any two way opportunities from the auto shows we attend here. I do them as a courtesy to our over-the-air affiliates. I can do them on the phone, on Skype (pkcommunications) with audio only or audio/video on Zoom, and on a station's G.722 codec or OPUS enabled codec via the Luci Live Lite app.  I have a Cleanfeed account, so we can do two ways using that protocol.   Those two ways make a nice addition to a morning show or a news block.  Also, PK Communications has a SIP enabled codec (, which will work with a Comrex, TieLine, Telos, JK Audio; in short, any IP codec that can be configured to accept SIP calls.  I can also send a one way link via ipDTL to your studio ingest computer for two ways.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Motor Bella (Detroit) Sep't 20-21

Station Closed Circuit:
Please reach out to us so we can schedule a two way for one of your station programs, if they can benefit your morning show or a potential advertiser. They can be done over the phone, or better yet, by ipDTL,  Cleanfeed, Luci Live Lite or Field Tap.

Milestone Tests:
 On March 22, 2021, Episode 1400 of Radio-Road-Test was released for broadcast.  The vehicle is the Cadillac Escalade Sport; its photo will grace our listener page, Facebook page and other Radio-Road-Test portals until Episode 1450 is broadcast, sometime in early Spring, 2022.

Affiliate News:

If you think other stations in other markets could benefit from carrying this program, then please let them know about Radio-Road-Test and the Radio-Road-Test Minute. As a token of our thanks for any information that leads to a signed affiliation, there's a Visa (tm) gift card for information from you that leads to a signed affiliation agreement.


Hit this button to enter the secured FTP directory, and sign in with your user name:

If your station can use Dropbox to automate the downloading of feeds, please reach out to us and we'll add you to the folder, which contains the five minute and one minute versions of Radio-Road-Test, and the associated liner for that program.