Radio-Road-Test and Radio-Road-Test Minute Program Descriptions

Radio-Road-Test Format

Open/Segment 1--Outcue: "broadcast service of"
Our network commercial immediately follows this cue, which may or may not take the entire :60  network availability.

Segment 2--Outcue: "from"
There will be a one to two second silence for your station availability of :60

Segment 3--Outcue:  ""

Total time excluding commercials won't exceed 3:00

Here's what a Radio-Road-Test broadcast sounds like:

Radio-Road-Test will usually be released and uploaded for program distribution and download in the early part of the week, but in no case later than Friday morning, Eastern Time. If there are further changes to the program production schedule, you'll be notified by e-mail.

Format for Radio-Road-Test Minute: 
Program opens cold and ends with this outcue:  " this."  After that, the network commercial (:30 or :60) should run.  Stations may precede the program with a spot, or use the network commercial to start a cluster.
Here's what a Radio-Road-Test Minute sounds like:

Format for specials:

From time to time, special programming from major automotive shows and events may be produced and can be made available to affiliates and outlets. They will be made available from our affiliate page.

Open/Billboard/Program body: Commercial should run adjacent to the program. Specials may range from 75 to 90 seconds, but in no case will exceed 90 seconds.
Availability: 50/50 barter to commercial radio operations, no cash required. Non-commercial radio stations, non-barter radio stations or other outlets may affiliate with us to carry "Radio-Road-Test" in exchange for mutually agreed compensation or other considerations. One primary station/outlet per SMSA. Multi-station clusters can run programs on any and all stations in that cluster, but must designate one station as the primary affiliate.

Distribution/Kill Dates:

Radio-Road-Test, Radio-Road-Test Minute and Special Programs are encoded in mono mp3 and are available for normal pull distribution from the password protected area of the website. Stations may opt to have a special page created in the password protected area for their use. Radio-Road-Test and the Radio-Road-Test Minute may be aired up to six months after the release date. Stations (including a station's digital HD channel) and outlets may transmit a contemporaneous performance of our programs on their respective web sites, if desired.

Some Frequently Asked Questions concerning affiliation, clearance, and sales tips can be found here: